Let WebiMax Teach You How to Handle Complaints, Reviews and Ratings
on the Web

At WebiMax, we pride ourselves on our industry-leading Brand Management strategies and our ability to manage complaints, reviews and negative ratings.

Our vigilant team of consultants monitors social platforms, review sites and search engines for terms and keywords related to your brand and create a customized reputation plan for your business. We are the leading Brand & Reputation Management experts and we believe in taking an ethical approach to improving your business.

Our Philosophy

The WebiMax Brand Management philosophy and code of ethics were designed to put our clients' needs and best interests first. Our results-driven process involves:

  • Responding to negativity in a prompt and professional manner. We work with you to determine the "voice" of your brand and combat negative reviews while promoting positive ones.
  • Utilizing social media, forums and review/rating sites to encourage positive, genuine user-generated content directed toward your brand.
  • Invoking our SEO experience and skills to drive traffic to your site and positive content while diminishing the presence of negative content online.
  • Creating original and engaging content to stimulate positive interactivity with consumers.
  • Ensuring strong relationships are forged with your customers to increase long-term, repeat business and reduce acquisition costs.
  • Utilizing Public Relations strategies to enhance your brand's identity and image.

We work closely with you to understand your brand, your consumers and your business. While no company is completely immune from negativity online, WebiMax will work to protect your brand from current and future reputation concerns.

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