The WebiMax Approach to Handling Complaints

WebiMax's Reputation & Brand Management strategies have been carefully developed to combat complaints on the Web. At one time or another, virtually every business with an online presence will be subject to reviews, ratings and other potentially damaging content. To protect your brand, our team of experts employs the most effective SEO, Public Relations, Social Media and marketing tactics to create an effective management and monitoring plan.

We actively manage complaints by identifying, evaluating and responding to situations which require immediate attention. We work with you to act as a "voice" for your brand and diminish or completely eradicate negative, user-generated content on the Web.

In addition, our industry-leading techniques help to improve client retention rates and minimize acquisition costs to help improve your bottom line.

Complaint Management & Monitoring

Each of our consultants adheres carefully to our code of ethics to ensure that every complaint directed toward your brand is managed professionally and with your brand's best interests in mind. We continually monitor popular Internet channels for complaints and create adaptive, flexible strategies to manage them.

We efficiently manage and monitor social networks, review boards, ratings sites, blogs and other popular forums to create a positive digital complexion for your brand.

The Importance of Reputation

When it comes to your business and brand, reputation is everything. Our team understands the importance of a strong reputation and we work to enhance your brand and negate ongoing and future concerns.

To learn more about our Reputation & Brand Management campaigns and how WebiMax can help your brand achieve results, please Contact Us today.

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